Dementia Awareness Training in the Community

Free of charge training for residents and workers in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Dementia Awareness Training in the Community

Full Description

This invitation is intended for people living or working in the Royal Borough – please help us spread the word by passing our details on to any appropriate parties should it not be of benefit to you.

Registration is essential please.
Alzheimers Dementia Support (‘ADS’) is a local charity, operating in the Royal Borough of Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead. Earlier this year, we were commissioned by the RBWM, to devise an informative and interactive training program, aimed at raising the awareness of Dementia for people living or working within our local community.
This 2 hour empowerment training session has been specifically developed to accommodate the awareness needs of all agencies, such as; commercial organisations, six form pupils, faith groups, retailers, (large and small – all sectors) and public agencies etc., and so attendees of our training will achieve an enhanced understanding of the condition, which will assist them in their daily work and life. Training course attendees will also be introduced to many of the issues people with dementia encounter and they will be encouraged to explore how best to manage many of the more common situations.

You can bulk book 1 to 25 people from this invitation. We can also bring the training to you and arrange it in-house at your facility for between 15 and 25 delegates on request.

If you would prefer to receive an invitation to an alternative date, please see our schedule below, or just ask and we will do our utmost to accommodate you:

Windsor – All Saints Church
15th November 10.30am-12.30pm
22nd November 10.30am-12.30pm
6th December 10.30am-12.30pm

Maidenhead – URC                          Windsor – Spencer Denny Centre
4th December 10am-12pm
20th January 2-4pm                     15th January 10am-12pm
23rd January 6.30-8.30pm       27th January 6.30-8.30pm
5th February 10am-12pm
11th March 6.30-8.30pm           26th February 10am-12pm
19th March 10am-12pm
7th April 2-4pm                             24th March 6.30-8.30pm
15th April 10am-12pm                 23rd April 6.30-8.30pm

We hope you can make it!
Many thanks,
Alzheimers Dementia Support (ADS) text or call 0751 376 2900
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