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Boossh is the ultimate way to enjoy losing weight faster. No matter your lifestyle, or how much weight you have to lose, you can enjoy Boosshing.

You will replace most or all of your daily meals with nutritionally complete Boossh Mealpaks, scientically developed as a full formula food which provides you with 100% RDA, and everything your body needs, all in a minimal amount of calories and in just 4 Mealpaks per day. This allows you to burn your fat stores, a natural process called ketosis.

You will be better nourished using Boossh Mealpaks than a conventional diet where it can be difficult to receive 100% RDA whilst reducing your daily calorie intake.

Boosshing is the modern day way to achieve life changing faster weight loss, everyone is Boosshing and enjoying losing weight!

The Boossh point of difference!

  • A new, exciting & unique range of VLCD products.
  • Boossh products are NOT available anywhere else
  • They taste better, mix better and better for you!
  • Substantial range of products so you do not get bored.
  • Not just shakes, we have desserts, curries, pasta’s, yoghurts, and many new innovative products you can now enjoy.
  • A healthy way to Boossh if you have Diabetes type 2
  • No matter which way you Boossh, there is a matching healthy food and snack list, based on low carbohydrate, low GI healthy foods from our senior team of dieticians
  • Boossh is affordable.
  • Oozing amounts of Boossh support.
  • Boossh has made fast weight loss so much more achievable, sustainable and enjoyable.
  • No compulsory counselling meetings.

Now the very Latest 5:2 fasting ~ replace 2 days a week with Boossh to help on your fasting days!


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